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TFC-004 Gear of war weapon set playing guide
2009-5-22 05:18
作者:TFclub  来自:www.tfclub.com
Dear customers of TFC TOYS products:

 TFC-004 Gear of war weapon set was released on May-20.
As more and more customers have received the newly released TFC-004 Gear of war weapon set , we provide the additional instructions below to introduce new tricks of this toy.

Instructions to the "invisible" cover

Please assemble the cover by yourself. Peel the protection membrane off the surface of PVC first.
It is suggested to start the assembling from the top, then seal the vertical sides.

Instructions to Inferno's scaling ladder in his fire engine mode (Installation/Uninstallation requires some delicate skills. Do not apply excessive force.)

Push laterally to remove the squirt originally mounted on the axle of the robot's arm.


now, playing time, enjoy !


BOX ART by Little Iron

click here for HI-RES boxart

background story

the wholse set includes:

3 chorme rocket launchers (silver/red/black)
1 scaling ladder with water cannon
1 transformable auto scout
1 "invisible" cover
4 energon crystals


auto scout


compare with universe ravage


scaling ladder

vehicle mode

robot mode

rocket launchers

assembly guide

launchers can merge with the original weapon

"invisible" cover

other playways

all hail wheelie!

See you next time!


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