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2003-4-20 11:58
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welcome here,I am Diagnostic.D. should we begin the interview?

Hmn... 我想知道多么恰当我的讲话被翻译与 altavista.com...... hmmmmn...
ANYWAYS! Thank you, Diagnostic D!
The interview? Sure! ^_^

采访?当然可以,开始吧 ^_^

I know that ask something about other`s personal secrets is impertinent,but I still have to take the liberty od asking you. Of course,you have the right of remain silent....LOL
OK,the first one,how old are you?
(I know that age is the secret of secrets...LOL)


No problem, Diagnostic; I'm 19

ohhhhhhhhhhhh so youth your are!
And second, what is your job now?(i thing you still are a student)

ohhhhhhhhhhhh ,你真是年轻啊

I work at a college, that I attend, in a multi-media lab. It's a great job! I just sit, draw and answer Photoshop questions. Low pay, and not many hours, but I'm happy with it.

Have you thought of make living by your TF pics? For DW,3H, Marvel…just like Crosswire & Don Figuerou?
你想过靠你的TF画作来谋生吗?为DW,3H,Marvel…这类公司工作,就像Crosswire和Don Figuerou?

Yes I have. I keep procrastinating when it comes to submitting to Dreamwave, but I intend to submit to them sometime soon. I'd like to make a living off my art (if not with Transformers, I hear DW is doing Capcom Comics. I'd like to draw a Megaman series!)

Oh~~~~~you mean that you will be a Dwer soon?

I wish, lol. I still have to submit, but I think I have a decent chance of making it.

OK, Let's talk something about transformers, what time did you first get in touch of TF?

I was first into Transformers when I was about 5. My first actual Transformers toy was Power Master Prime/God Ginrai (my parents didn't buy me many TF toys), but I watched their cartoons and I liked their comics(though at that age, I could barely make out all the words). My favorite Transformer was Bumblebee because I was, and still am, short. I'm 5'4", and I have a lot of friends who are taller than me, so I confided with Bumblebee since he was the smallest.
在我5岁的时候,我第一次进入了TF的世界。我的第一个正版TF玩具是超神仁莱(我父母没有给我买很多TF玩具),但是我看TF的动画并且喜欢他们的漫画(虽然在那个年龄,我连字都不完全认识),我最喜欢的变形金刚是大黄蜂,因为我到现在也很矮,我只有5'4" 我很多朋友都比我高,所以我喜欢上了大黄蜂,因为他也是最小的。

Oh...you answer me lots of my questions that haven't been asked...LOL
Well, what is the number of TF-toy your own?
And what is your favarite?


Hmn...I have a lot, but because I played with them as a child, they're rather broken. I take better care of the later series now- I have 20 Armada figures...but that's just a rough count. I have around 50 from G1 and G2, 2 from Machine Wars, Five from Beast Wars...0 from BM, and two from Car Robots/Robots in Disquise.Not an impressive count compared to hardcore fans,lol.
嗯...我有不少,但因为我玩他们的时候还很小,所以他们损坏得很厉害了。我非常仔细地照料最新的系列,现在我有20个Armada玩具,这只是个大概的数字,我有大约50个G1到G2的玩具,2个Machine Wars玩具,5个BW玩具……0个BM玩具,和2个Car Robots玩具。跟铁杆迷友比不算什么,呵呵。

hehe~~~why there are 0 from BM?Do you loathe them?
and do you watch Armada TV show every week?


I do watch Armada every week; I watched Beast Machines too. It's not that I loathed Beast Machines, I just wasn't interested in their toys- though I did want to take a wasp robot(I'm sure it wasn't Waspinator) and color it into a Beast Machines Bumblebee...but I have no experience in repainting/kitbashing, so it would have turned out horrible, lol.

oh~~~so that...what about the Vehicons? I think them are better than Maximals,and all of Autobots or decepticons...because i am a Vehicon..lol

Diagnostic, I like your questions! : D. I liked the Vehicons better than the Maximals, yep! My favorite designs are the ones for Jetstorm and Mirage. BM was the only series where I rooted for the bad guys(other than the early series of Armada- since the kids are their most annoying at those points).
Sorry to hear that RiD hasn't been aired...it was a decent series, but nothing too great. Armada needs to air over in China. It is really annoying when it starts off but the later episodes are great. My only problem with Armada is that the studio that does the animation seems to either be rushed, or lazy. The art gets REALLY horrible at some points- and I'm all about art when it comes to an animated series.

Diagnostic,我喜欢你的问题,: D我也是更喜欢Vehicons,我最喜欢的设计就是Jetstorm和Mirage。BM是唯一我站在反派一边的系列。(除了早期的Armada,因为那时候那些小孩太讨厌了)
很遗憾RiD没有被称赞,它是一个正统的系列,虽然是没什么太好的东西。Armada应该在中国被大力推广,Armada开始的时候确实有些恼人,但越到后面越是精彩。我对Armada唯一要指出的是,那个工作室 要么太忙,要么太懒,他们的 质量 在某些地方实在可怕,要知道我对艺术这方面是敏感的


What is the inspiration of human Armada?
什么是你的human Armada里最激动人心的东西?

There was a Japanese site I went to that drew all the Car Robots/RiD Transformers as humans, and I thought that was neat(the artist also drew some really sexy female renditions of the Transformers from CR/RiD as well! lol), and that made me want to draw human forms of the TF's- but I was too lazy to take on G1, so I decided to take on Armada. I have a large collection of Human-forms of the G1 cast, but I lost them somewhere.
我去了一个日本网站,那里把所有的Car Robots/RiD 变形金刚都画成真人,我觉得那实在很妙(那个作者也把 Car Robots/RiD 里的角色画成极度性感的mm噢,哈哈)他们使我开始想画真人TF,但是我懒得再去解构G1的人物,于是我决定研究Armada,我有很多的G1真人像卡片,但是不知道掉哪儿去了。

And the "Crazy Bumblebee"?

People pick on Bumblebee too much! lol. Pat Lee did a poster where Megatron stood triumphantly over a fallen Bumblebee. Bumblebee got blown up in the early Marvel run of Transformers, and in the cartoon series he always managed to get knocked around. So, being a fan of the little guy, I decided to draw him getting the one up on those who mocked him. It was supposed to be an all-out pin-up series, with Bumblebee destroying a different Decepticon in every picture, but I gave up on this one. I was even too lazy to color it(my bro did the honors for this one), lol!
人们太忽视大黄蜂,Pat Lee 画过一张海报:威猛的Megatron站在倒下的大黄蜂面前。在早期的Marvel的TF作品以及动画里,大黄蜂总是被打倒的对象。所以,作为这小家伙的迷友,我决定让他在我的画里凌驾于那些欺负过他的人,我打算制作一个尽我所能的,漂亮得值得帖在墙上的系列,每一幅画里大黄蜂都毁灭一个不同的霸天虎,但是我只画了这幅就放弃了,我甚至懒得给他上色了(我兄弟倒觉得它很好)呵呵。,

alk about something about 2005boards?

Hmn...There's a lot I can say about the boards...it's basically my "Home Board", since that was the first BBS I signed to, ever, and the first one I posted TF work on. It's a great place with a lot of great artists on it(Members of "BUKAT", Crosswire, Jetfire, Draven, etc., etc.)- however, I haven't posted up there in a while. The most recent post I've made was a Ninja Turtle image ( http://www.angelrift.net/powermegaman/Art%20forSteve/mikemetal.jpg ). I should show up there more often- but I think TFClub might be a new place for me to go ^_^...considering that I don't know Chinese(or any of the other dialects)...x_x, lol.
Hmn...对它我倒是可以说出很多……它基本上可以算我的"主场"因为它即是我注册的第一个论坛,也是我第一次发表TF作品的地方,那是一个有着很多杰出画者的好地方。(成员有BUKAT, Crosswire, Jetfire, Draven等等)我最近发表的是一张"忍者神龟(http://www.angelrift.net/powermegaman/Art%20forSteve/mikemetal.jpg ). 我得经常在那里发表,但是我想TFCLUB将成为一个新的我经常访问的地方^_^...但考虑到我不懂中文(以及任何其他语言)………x_x 呵呵。

How do you think about my friend Littleiron?
Yes, he is a Chinese too.


Littleiron is a great artist! I was happy for him to post up a few tidbits of his work and allow others to color it(his Onslaught and Blastoff were awesome! I had colored his Swindle, but I lost it! NO!). He has amazing line art, and I love his detail! I have his all his art saved on my home computer! ^_^
Littleiron是个很好的画者啊,我很高兴他发表了那么多的线稿,并允许我们为他填色(他的Onslaught和Blastoff很 厉害 啊,我替他的Swindle填了色,但是我找不到了,不!)他画的线稿真的很棒,我喜欢他的细节刻画!我家里的电脑里保存了他所以的作品。^_^
Could you give him and other Chinese TF artists some advice?

I dunno...I was never good with words, lol. Maybe Littleiron would give me some advice! His work is way better than my own!
But if you could be specific as to what kind of advice you have in mind? Photoshop coloring? Drawing? Ideas for Drawing?

I dunno...我从来就不擅长言谈,呵呵,可能Littleiron反倒能给我一些建议,他画得比我好多了。

h. I remember another question about your personal secret…you can remain silent too LoL
What's your interest except TF?


Interest other than TF? I like Sentai and Tokustatsu(or as I call "Toku'sentai"...em...I also like Psychotic artwork and comics(J. Axer, Roman Dirge, Jhonen Vasquez, etc.). I draw a lot of derranged art....derranged art and porn, lol!! I don't draw adult work a lot, but I do every now and again. I used to have a HUGE interest in movies, but they all are so boring and similar these days. I did see a Chinese movie called "Power Glove" or something like that a while back...that was a great movie...and "God of Cookery". I like foreign films- mainly French and Canadian independent films.
Other than all that jazz, my main interest, outside of TF's, is probably women! LOL! I joke, I joke, lol.

TF之外的爱好?我喜欢战队和特摄片(或者应该说是特摄战队em...I also like Psychotic artwork and comics(J. Axer, Roman Dirge, Jhonen Vasquez,等等.). I draw a lot of derranged art....derranged art and porn, lol!! I don't draw adult work a lot, but I do every now and again. 。我曾经对电影有巨大的兴趣,但它们如今都千篇一律,令人厌烦。我不久以前看过一部叫"拳神"的中国电影,那是非常好的电影,还有一部食神我喜欢外国电影,主要是法国和加拿大的独立电影。除了所有的爵士乐,我最大的爱好,TF之外的,是女人吧,哈哈,说笑,说笑!

Any plan about future?

Yep! I gotta try and get myself into Dreamwave(or other company) so I can start living life as a comic penciller! That's my #1 goal. Other than that, I would like to get a nice apartment in a city and get slurpees from the 711 at 2 in the morning. Mmmm...slurpee...
是的,我努力使自己进入DW(或者另外的公司),使我成为一个漫画作者,这是我的第一号计划。另外,我想在城里拥有一座好的公寓and get slurpees from the 711 at 2 in the morning. Mmmm...slurpee......(不明白)

At last, say something to Chinese TF Fans?

You guys have a lot of patience!!! I've seen all the previous work of TF Fans on TFClub, and man!! You guys rock! There are insane amounts of detail, and GREAT concepts with the transformers( The Megatron lighter and Prime Lamp rock!).
I also have a question about TFClub in general, and I figure someone could answer it. There's a section with pictures of actual people...what are those? Are those people actual Transfans that visit the board or something? Needless to say, the women are good looking! lol.


Also! For that question 6, I wanna say Thank You!!! I just realized it! Namely thanks to the people at TFClub and the people of it, lol. It's great to have people like my stuff- but I'm not trying to be egotistical.
* v * I feel so loved! lol

对 第 6个问题,我想要说谢谢你们,感谢TFClub里的每一个人,呵呵,有人喜欢我的作品真是太好了,但我不会因此而自大的。
* v *我感觉太好了!呵呵!

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